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    Munchie Games HTML5 Javacript games arcade and studio! Free addicting games to play in your browser or mobile and ipad! Munchie games are about cooking, pets and more! Our cooking games concentrate on foods that are fun to eat, so Pizza games, Ramen games, and baking games are high on our list! Stay tuned for the new Mini Tile games! fun quick Mario run style games that are new and mobile! If your in the mood for fast action games you can play in 5 minutes for a fun break, bookmark munchie games and like use above! If your an arcade owner or just want to have a munchie game on your site, check out the embed codes page above. We distribute all of our HTML5 games and custom make games! HTML5 games are easy to a page with an iframe, so almost any website or blog can have a Munchie Game!