Munchie Games, Free Mobile, Web and Facebook games with cooking themes!

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  • Cook some Chicken wing skewers and make Bahn Bi sandwiches in this viewnamese food theme game

    Cooking Chicken Wing Sandwich!

  • Fight Zombies off with Mashed Potatoes, then win virtual gold coins

    Zombie Mash Potatoes!

  • Combo Burger Advanced is the most addictive burger game online, play on any device any time..this is the ultimate burger flipping fun

    Combo Burger Advanced!!

  • Taco Shop! Free Fun Taqueria and soft taco game, fix soft tacos with Carinitas pork, crispy fish or Guacamole veggy, serve your customer the perfect taco in this fun management game

    Play the best Taco Game, Taco Shop!

  • Fruit Stand Rush! The ultimate fruit shopping game! your hip hippie shpper is buying fruit! Match the list careful with correct fruit to complete shopping order and win! Make sure to click the correct fruit basket, if you make a mistake you can clear the basket! 3 possible achievements!

    Fruit Stand Rush

  • baking and bakery game, Bakery French bread! The ultimate bread baking and dough twirling game, the best mobile app with baking as well! come play!

    Baking Game! Bakery French Bread

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