Taco Shop! Free Fun Taqueria and soft taco game, fix soft tacos with Carinitas pork, crispy fish or Guacamole veggy, serve your customer the perfect taco in this fun management game

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Fruit Stand Rush! The ultimate fruit shopping game! your hip hippie shpper is buying fruit! Match the list careful with correct fruit to complete shopping order and win! Make sure to click the correct fruit basket, if you make a mistake you can clear the basket! 3 possible achievements!

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Fried Egg Puppy Feed game! You have to care for a sweet puppy by feeding him the meatbone whenever he's not already eating! Also you have to fry an egg in the skillet perfectly without burning! This fun puppy and egg game is very fast paced! Let's see how high you can score

The best Pet caring game you can Play

Play Yaki Soba, see if you can keep up and make as many batches of yakisoba japanese noodles as possible! The cabbage pork noodles cook fast so make sure to watch the fryers carefully! achievements include Daruma,lucky cat or antique wooden doll! Play on your phone!

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Burger Cook! the Ultimate Burger flipping minigame! can you keep up as more and more fresh ground beef burgers are added to the grill? Can you manage 3 BBQ grills at once without burning anything? Let's find out! Try this new fun game

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Pizza Conveyor is the ultimate Pizza Game! Keep your Pizza slice ordering customer happy by serving cheese slice, hot pepper pizza and pepperoni slices win!

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Corndog Conveyor is a fun Corndog factory management game you can play on your mobile or computer! Keep the customers happy while serving corndogs

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